Dear Sal,
  I never did get to meet you but I so appreciate your accommodating our birthday celebration during the RUST Concert last night.  It was a wonderful birthday surprise for our friend.  Allowing us to store the cake during the day was so helpful.  The young man who was the host when I dropped off the cake and when we arrived for dinner was delightful and really attentive to when the cake should be brought out.  Our waitress, Genna, was amazing!  As more people arrived, we kept pulling up more tables and she just didn't bat an eye!  She handled everything expertly.  We didn't need to worry about a thing.  We could just relax and enjoy the evening.  When the cake was brought out at the end of RUST's first set, she had a group of the staff with her to help us sing Happy Birthday which made it even more festive!  She cut and served the cake and provided boxes for us to pack up the leftovers.
  You really live up to the "Family" part of your name!  It was wonderful to be able to gather as a group of friends (who to us has become "family") and celebrate.  Your staff made us feel quite at home and we could enjoy being together and not worry about the details.
  Please extend our appreciation to all involved last night.  Thank you so very much!
Carol. B